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Who we are

From assisting your daily trades to building complex algorithmic systems to automate your futures trading, we develop technologies that maximize your profit.


With us, you never miss another trading opportunity and always get out at the right time.

Empowering you with systematic futures trading

Trading Automation

Machine trading removes barriers and opens new trading opportunities by bridging the gap between technical skills and the complexity of trading in the financial market. Now, traders can employ automated trading technology to process data, make decisions, manage risks and execute orders for them with lightning speed.

Advanced solutions

Predictive Analytics monitors live market data, technical indicators, important news 24/7, and sends instant reports to the computer to create unique day trading strategies. When the time is right, during and outside the main trading hours, the system submits orders in milliseconds to the broker, so you do not have to. 

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GLIDER offers a seamless self-executing system to power investments and trading for brokers, asset managers, and proprietary traders.


Our end-to-end software as a service for closed trading platforms network is a quantitative trading solution for brokers, asset managers, and their clients

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GLIDER SSI technology simplifies the trading process making quantitative trading available to all, protecting investors' portfolios, and improving return on capital.

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